As a leader, the most important earthly relationship you can cultivate is your relationship with yourself.- Ken Blanchard and Terry Waghorn

Do you really know yourself? Do you have a personal “mission statement” that defines your strengths and motivates you to be all God meant you to be?

If you have trouble with that question, you might want to try an interesting activity that will almost certainly help you develop a clearer sense of purpose and personal identity: Write your own obituary.

I know it sounds strange- even a little morbid. But this exercise is not about dying; it’s about living. It will give you an opportunity to adjust your life, describe the ideal you, and define what it is you would like to be remembered for. Why leave such important matters to chance? God has made a wonderful plan for your life. Let Him help you establish your path and guide you as you walk in it.

Nothing will be (is) beyond your reach.

Let’s Continue to Win in 2010!

My Best.

P.S.- to some of my Trainer friends, “we have done this before. Haven’t we?”