In the last edition, I  discussed another aspect of dealing with self and with other people; knowing your nature- sattvarajas and tamas.

Many have asked and some have wondered how is all this relevant and how can all this be applied. This is a three step process:

  1. Discover your inner nature.
  2. Work as part of a team.
  3. The collective effort must be offered to a
    higher altar.

Only then does it become a yajnakarma. The higher altar has to be defined and every individual has to contribute to that. The organization must have a clearly defined mission and goal which everybody should know. Even the last man in the organizational hierarchy must know the goal clearly and he must feel personally involved.

When such an organizational environment is created, one will be able to unfold one’s inner potential.

In this philosophy, the underlying principle is that the individual is infinitely powerful. In Vedanta we say, “Tattvamasi”- You are that; you are infinitely powerful; you have the power within you.

Modern Management techniques tend to dis-empower the individual whereas Vedanta says, “Give him the power; make him feel he is great; make him feel he has the power within him and then invoke it”.

As you work according to your nature, you are unfolding the inner spirit in you and that is true freedom. The freedom of the individual is not just work, it is discovering his inner dimension, the spiritual dimension, through work and this is happiness.

Let’s continue to win in 2011.

My Best.