Spiritual Practices Are Useful For A Coach

I asked people about spirituality and coaching and received some interesting responses. And I did some of my own research over time. Here are a few tips from my experience:

Meditation: Any form or method helps. The key is to be in a quiet place, relax, observe, and have a non-judgmental attitude.

The daily practice of meditation is important as it helps practice “being present”, fully in the moment, hold the space and let the client guide the journey. “Allow” is the key word.

Silence: Experienced fellow coaches will agree that silence is a powerful tool available. One needs to hold oneself from jumping in response to any stimulus. Instead, sometimes it is important to stay quiet and allow the client to reflect, think and who knows, find inspiration.

Practicing silence and being in a quiet place daily helps build this critical ability.

Introspection and humbleness: As a coach the common trap one may fall into is that of, “I helped so-and-so, etc.” I need to realize that as a coach I am only an instrument, a facilitator and nothing more. The “I” must dissolve and instead connect with the client at a deeper level. The key is to have a daily practice of actions to develop oneself as a Coach.

And there can be many more. More about these on another day.

For now, Relax, Observe and practice a Suspend judgement.