I Serve

Executive Coaching

If you are an organization wanting to invest in your Leadership teams and help develop a competent, happy, self-aware, and ready team, I can help you. I can work 1x1 and Group Coaching.

Organization Design

I help you design, develop, and deploy strategic HR interventions and develop Talent for the future. I partner with you and my approach is one of “Build-Operate-Transfer”.

Leadership Development

I work with you through diagnosis, assessments and developing leaders for tomorrow. Write to me for Leadership Training and Leadership Coaching.

Strategic L&D

Utilize L&D as a strategic lever to help develop today’s talent. Provide specific, targeted, measurable learning inputs. I can help you do all this and deliver training for you.


I can help identify the right sales employees, train them, help manage sales and provide sales coaching. I work with scientific tools and experience to help you here.

Locum HR Management

You may not need a full time, permanent HR / L&D specialist. I can work with you independently and / or with your team to help develop and deploy such initiatives as you need them.

Train The Trainer

Whether you are an organization wanting to develop your trainers or individual trainers wanting to get better at your Art, I can help you develop training and facilitation skills. I train and coach trainers to become the best they can be.


Whether you are hosting a business conference, a sales meet, an internal company event or a training event, call me for specific sessions or as a keynote speaker. I can add value to your programs and ensure participants go back enriched.


If you need to design, develop, and deploy Assessment Centers; or need Behavioral Assessments, Sales Capacity Assessments, Reasoning Analysis for various interventions; I can help you do all that.

Gobal Partnerships


Extended DISC & FinxS logos

The Extended DISC Behavioral Analysis is more stable and provides more behavioral styles than in any other instrument.

The FinxS Sales Capacity Assessment measures capabilities across 18 critical Sales Competencies, identifies Sales Mindset and helps find your Excuse Index.

FinxS Reasoning Analysis tests provide insight and understanding your working speed and accuracy within 9 different cognitive areas.


Prossimo & RevV logos

In partnership with Prossimo Global I bring to you their expertise in the areas of Talent, Teamwork and Strategy.

RevV, a digital community is created to transform the development experience for young professionals and multi-generational workplaces around the world.

RevV is structured to help young adults uncover their purpose and work towards fulfilling their passions to ultimately create a positive impact on the world.