This week’s message is inspired by a book written by Swami Bodhananda. Here is another way of looking at leadership and team management:

We all enjoy work, are natural workers and are a combination of three energies – sattvarajas and tamasSattva energy is the energy by which we contemplate and create knowledge and value. By rajas we restlessly work and move about. And the tamasic energy is the dull sleepy aspect of the individual. An individual is a combination of these three energies- the sattvic, the rajasic and the tamasic.

A leader must invoke these various aspects of an individual, according to the nature and need of the work.

For instance, if you want the best from an individual in R&D, you have to invoke the sattvic aspect in him. This has to be done by giving that kind of training and by eating that kind of food. In developing the sattva, even food is important, because he has to think. When the mind is peaceful, intellect functions and creativity unfolds.

Another set of people required for an organization should be rajasic in temperament. Rajas is another aspect of the personality; it is activity, power and organization. We need organizers also. But do not put the rajasic person in sattvic work. If you put a rajasic person in R&D, he will be thinking of becoming the boss in that department. He is not interested in research, nor in bringing out new ideas; he is interested in name, fame, control and authority.

And there are the tamasic people. Everybody has an element of tamas in them. Tamas is dullness, lack of interest. One is interested only in roti-kapda-makaan. In the Maslovian hierarchy of values, they need only the basic creature comforts. Such people’s needs are confined to the physical.

One has to look at oneself honestly and introspect – what is the combination of one’s personality? How much sattvarajas and tamas constitute your individuality? The combination of sattvarajas and tamas determine your character, your executive ego.

Find out your pattern of energy.

Let’s continue to win in the New Year 2011.

My Best.