Have you observed that successful salespeople are doers? They are not always as long on technical knowledge as they are on motivating themselves to do what gets the job done. They believe a good start is a journey half completed, so they start and keep going. They have the willpower or determination to overcome inertia.

They are self-starters and self-promoters.

An honest day’s work is our moral obligation. It’s an obligation to the company we represent, our families and ourselves.

Just before you go to sleep, at the end of the day, be determined to be able to say, “Today I have given an effective, full day’s effort to my selling job. I have displayed discipline in planning, time management and selling.”

Here are three keys to learning to put in an honest day’s work:

1. Do the right activities!

2. Do them right!

3. Do them often!

Commit to double your efforts to work on the right things, the right way, and often!

Let’s Continue to Win in 2010!

Good luck and good selling.