Krishna: The Original Coach

The “Original Indian Coach”.

This is how a friend of mine described the Indian mythology character, Krishna.

My search for insights to Spirituality and Coaching, (see links in comments) led me to reading Indian mythology and about Krishna.

Krishna lived through his own experiences and over time demonstrated that he was “eligible” to be the coach, and guide / help those who were ready and willing. Before he could engage with his coachee, He had to build a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Krishna, the coach used the Skill / Will matrix well and effectively in his dealings. The dialog He has with Arjuna demonstrates how Arjuna oscillates from low to high Will states and while he is highly skilled in warfare, he showed inability to understand his roles and responsibilities. In response, Krishna effectively guides, directs, and motivates Arjuna as required in each situation.

Throughout the dialogue and all the interactions they have, He demonstrates a goal-oriented, ethical approach to evoke awareness in the coachee, listens actively, helps deal with the coachee’s problems, at the time the coachee faces them and eventually facilitates a positive change and growth through improved thinking.

Isn’t this what we call “Coaching”?