I Am

It was like I fell asleep. When I came to I didn’t remember anything.

No awareness of I or me. There were people around and they called me Dipan. And they taught me the I and the me and I learned the mine. And suddenly I was another. A being different and unique from all other. I learned the good and the bad. I like and I dislike. I am and the other isn’t.

Is this real? Aren’t we all connected? And one? From the same source?

I wander around the world and life searching for happiness. For joy. For indestructible and yet never destroyed joy and peace. Is the musk deer giving me a message? Is there a lesson?

Am I- no aren’t we all just, plain, simple joy. Isn’t the isness happiness?

And I learn that I have learned to disallow the flow of joy. I have learned to disallow the isness.

The more I search, the faster and longer I run, the farther I go away and create a wider I and you.

How do I unlearn? Or does it require unlearning?

I just have to be. And that’s what being is about.

And one day when I sleep again, will I wake up to another me?