We need to teach everyone that regardless of the organizational position held, from the top to the lowest man, he has infinite energy. Then every individual will be able to discover his inner potential. In the process, his personality will grow to whatever dimension it can. Let us not fix a limit
to that. Each individual has a unique nature. The organization must be able to invoke this uniqueness. That is the genius of an organization.

To bring all individuals on the same pattern, to the same height, with the same thinking, the same ideas, the same behavior, the same slogans is to kill the spirit of the individual.

Personality development is to discover one’s personal or true nature, whether it is sattvicrajasic, or tamasic, and get training accordingly. Then try to work as part of a team for a higher goal. In the process, one’s entire being becomes integrated and one is able to develop a highly successful personality.

Next, every individual must have a set of Values to guide him. He has to practice them all the time for his own personality development. A Value is a lifestyle, a state of mind where you are able to live in creative harmony with your surroundings. It avoids inner conflicts and promotes integration within and without, which helps in “self-unfoldment”.

What is most important is self-expression; everything else is secondary to it.

Even to discover God, work is the only means. Unless you work without expectation as the means of unfolding yourself, expanding your consciousness, there is no experience of God. Work is a means of self-expression and creating dignity for oneself.

First of all, the manager (leader) should practice this. Work itself should become a source of enjoyment. When the manager is happy all the time, the workers will also follow suit.

Let us understand this philosophy and change our attitude toward work. This is freedom and this is true happiness all of us are seeking.

Can you do your work as an act of joyous self-expression?