The fundamental defect in all our understanding is that we are always busy doing something, or try to be someone else to be happy. And the more we try to be happy, the more unhappy we become.

We try to be happy by shifting from one chair to another, from one place to another, from one organization to another, from one relationship to
another and so on.

What a pity!

We have to realize that happiness is our true nature. We do not have to do anything to be happy. We just have to relax, loosen up, and be natural.

There is no other God or spirit that Vedanta talks of. Vedanta says we are the source of happiness. And in discovering that I am the source of all happiness, I become spiritual. I do not have to depend upon any external situation. I am happy in spite of the situation.

The best expression of happiness is a smile. That is the only exercise you have to do, learn to smile. In the Bhagvat Geeta, Bhagvan says we do not have to do anything to be happy. You do not have to put yourself in a particular posture, or change your lifestyle or your name to be happy. Happiness is our true nature.

Be Happy. Always.