My friend Rahul started as a sales rep few years ago; a couple of years later, he got his first promotion and he became a front-line manager.

Rahul and his team performed well on all parameters and his promotions continued for a few years, until he reached the position of the Head of Sales.

Suddenly, he was now responsible for not just Sales but the overall P&L, plus a lot of cross functional linkages, marketing, supply chain, etc. Everything was just so overwhelming for him.

Do we prepare well for the next level of competencies? Are organizations doing enough in this area?

People get promoted based on the performance in the current role and at some point, find themselves inadequate or incompetent to be able to perform the new role.

Dr. Lawrence Peter in his book “The Peter Principle” states that in a hierarchy, people grow to their level of incompetence. Excellent employee performance is inevitably promoted up to a point after which the performance is no longer excellent, or even satisfactory.

Have you come across “Rahuls”? What are your views?

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