Form the Self-Improvement Habit.

An effective person is constantly improving in every area. We realize becoming a standout performer, as a rule, is not a “short haul” proposition. Building an outstanding career in your chosen profession is a long-term operation.

Greatness is never conferred; it is achieved. It’s not something given; it’s something earned. It’s not an accident of birth, but an attitude of quality — a dimension, an outlook, a way of life that is open to anyone who is willing to pay the price.

Channing Pollock once wrote, “We should be content with what we have but never with what we are. The man who regards himself as a finished job is finished.”

Keep thinking about being better and doing better. Keep planning for self-improvement. Remember, what we regularly and consistently affirm within ourselves, about ourselves and to ourselves, has a way of becoming reality. What we think repeatedly becomes our Belief; Belief leads to Behavior and Behavior begets Business. Think on these-

  • Talent is originality robed in resourcefulness.
  • Achievement is a dream dressed in work clothes.
  • Accomplishment is ability stripped of its doubts.
  • Life is but a series of opportunities masked as difficulties.
  • Success is effort draped in day-to-day self-improvement.

Lose yourself in productive, creative and necessary activities and you’ll improve and enhance your achievements. This is your responsibility, your duty and your job. It’s paying the price by forming the self-improvement habit!

As Albert Gray said, “successful people form the habit of doing things failures do not like to do”. Identify the right ‘success activities’, do them repeatedly. Make them your habits. We are all creatures of habit just as machines are creatures of momentum.

No matter where you stand today – Finish strong!

Let’s Continue to Win in 2010!

My Best.