Corporate Apartheid

Rohit and Ashwin are good friends, and work in the same team but they cannot have lunch together because, Rohit is “AGM” and Ashwin, “Manager”. They must be seated at different tables.

They ask Religion in the employment application form because they do not want to recruit people from a certain community.

A section of people owing allegiance to a certain lobby get the promotions, benefits, etc.

Their factory does not allow people to carry cell phones on the premises unless it is a “perquisite” or “exceptions”.

Certain “selected” or “nominated” employees get travel policy exceptions and accompany qualifiers on their incentive trips.

Many of you may find these familiar.

In South Africa, Apartheid ended officially in the 90s. While Apartheid is about racial segregation, in spirit it seems to be alive in corporations.

Where do we draw a line between perks, privilege, and favoritism?

Have you come across such instances?

What is your view?