Being Spiritual helps Coaching?

This thought crossed my mind while I was reading spiritual books and watching a few videos.

But, before you readers jump, let me clarify what I mean by “spiritual” and what is NOT spiritual in my understanding: As I understand, spirituality relates to people’s thoughts and beliefs. It relates to the human spirit and not to material or physical things. Spirituality is about awareness, evolving, and about just being in the moment. It is about deeply understanding oneself and the others.

Spirituality is not about religion, nor is it about morality, nor ethics.

And so, I started relating these ideas to coaching.

Coaching requires one to be fully in the moment, evoke awareness, be conscious, listen, suspend judgement, explore possibilities, hold the space, and evolve.

I surely see a co-relation here. And I am still studying what aspects or spiritual practices might help one be a better coach.

Meanwhile, fellow coaches, what do you think? I will share more soon.

Stay tuned.