Dipan Vaishnav

I work with willing individuals and organizations to help them achieve their goals, enhance capability, confidence, and self-awareness. Over the last 29 years I have impacted over 100,000 people through my training, assessments, and coaching. I have logged over 20,000 sales calls. My other interests are reading, Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta. Connect with me: https://linktr.ee/dipanvaishnav

Metamorphosis of caterpillar to chrysalis and to butterfly.


“The winner of the International Speakers’ Contest is…” Rahul could hear his heart pound, in exactly the same way it did in July 1993, his first attempt at public speaking. The first time that he was on stage. “Any guesses?!” The emcee’s voice interrupted Rahul’s thoughts. “Rahul, Rahul,…” shouted the audience. And all that Rahul …

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Krishna: The Original Coach

The “Original Indian Coach”. This is how a friend of mine described the Indian mythology character, Krishna. My search for insights to Spirituality and Coaching, (see links in comments) led me to reading Indian mythology and about Krishna. Krishna lived through his own experiences and over time demonstrated that he was “eligible” to be the …

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Spiritual Practices Are Useful For A Coach

I asked people about spirituality and coaching and received some interesting responses. And I did some of my own research over time. Here are a few tips from my experience: Meditation: Any form or method helps. The key is to be in a quiet place, relax, observe, and have a non-judgmental attitude. The daily practice …

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Being Spiritual helps Coaching?

This thought crossed my mind while I was reading spiritual books and watching a few videos. But, before you readers jump, let me clarify what I mean by “spiritual” and what is NOT spiritual in my understanding: As I understand, spirituality relates to people’s thoughts and beliefs. It relates to the human spirit and not …

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Corporate Apartheid

Rohit and Ashwin are good friends, and work in the same team but they cannot have lunch together because, Rohit is “AGM” and Ashwin, “Manager”. They must be seated at different tables. They ask Religion in the employment application form because they do not want to recruit people from a certain community. A section of …

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Impermanence is the nature of Nature

Change seems to be the most spoken about in businesses and in our lives, especially during these extraordinary times. The following article is about how I see change and how to manage and lead in these times. My thoughts are influenced a great deal by the Bhagavad Gita and the teachings of Ichak Adizes. Read …

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