A 48-Hour Day

She: What if you could have a “48-hour” day?

Me: “That’s impossible. A 48-hour day?!! if there is a way, why not?! Teach me how.

Me: How does it work? Tell me more.

She: You are trying to do too many things; have a long list and you can’t complete all those. You end the day feeling dissatisfied, and disappointed with yourself.

Me: That is true. But I must do so many things and, the sooner I complete these, the more I will be able to accomplish.

She: And are you able to complete all in the same day?

Me: Well, sometimes. On most days, there is disappointment at the end of the day.

She: You must prioritize and remember: “less is more”.

Me: Less is more?!!

She: Instead of planning 5 tasks in a day, you spread these over 2 days; 3 today and 2 tomorrow; in a 48-hour window you will accomplish all five.

Me: Interesting. And that way, I will have a sense of accomplishment.

She: And that gives you the feeling of a 48-hour day. Makes sense?

Me: Well, kind of. Surely worth pondering over this.

What do you think? Will this help change paradigm and plan the to-dos better?

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